Ethnic fashion has always been something special and even if it’s currently in vogue, there are big differences between the mainstream and high-quality ethnic fashion. In Australia, ethnic fashion has a great tradition. Special patterns and colors receive a cultural heritage. Currently, a huge number of patterned and colorful fashion pieces are introduced to ethnic fashion.

The word “ethnic” actually refers to communities or nations, which is why the garments are part of traditional fashion. By now, ethnic fashion has but become a term that is used for a complete style. Nevertheless, it’s determined by traditional patterns such as Aztec prints. Batik elements, gold and silver jewelry, feathers, beads and more are also classified under this style.

I really like the ethnic style, because it adds color to the dreary world of fashion. In this style, everything seems to be allowed, including naughty mixes of colors and patterns as well as maxi-trinkets. The ethnic look can be created by individual pieces or a complete outfit.

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