Who doesn’t know about the swimwear of the Australian top-label, Speedo? It used to be a must for every man during the 90s, but the athletic swimwear has long become a classic. The typical Speedo for the man is just coming back! Speedo has everything for those paying attention to functionality, quality and sportiness when it comes to swimming.

With new, innovative materials and new color samples, Speedo delights both old and new fans of the brand. The Speedo identity is distinctive and steady. The label remains true to itself and focuses on individuality rather than mainstream. This quality can’t be found everywhere and the variety of shapes is amazing.

The Australian label looks back on decades of experience for swimwear, which is definitely also responsible for its consistent quality and innovation. In addition to simple and often dark colored and subtle swimming trunks and swimsuits, Speedo also has more elegant versions with more details to offer.

From body-shaping swimwear (“Sculpture”) through caps, which ensure the lowest possible water resistance, to advanced swimming goggles, Speedo shows an assortment that inspires the best swimmers in the world!

More Information: www.speedo.de