At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin many regional labels will be presenting their collections for the winter 2015/2016. However, this fashion spectacle is also giving young and new designers the chance to showcase their fashion. For this reason, the fashion week is working together with fashion universities in Berlin, allowing graduate students to take part in the event. Most of the time, several students form a kind of cooperation to present their clothing on the catwalk. One of these unions is Studio30PH, which is a project of the HTW university in Berlin.

Fashion design and clothing technology students came together within this project in order to point to the importance of sustainability. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week indeed is the right platform for this undertaking because, here, the students are able to speak to a big audience on an international base. While the fashion is not for sale, it nevertheless features the latest trends in order to show that sustainable fashion can indeed be fashionable.

Urban extravagance is deeply rooted in the designs. The striving for the newest styles is united with classical handicraft and high quality. Colored plain shades, the clothing is defined by nonchalant chic, no matter whether you look at the feminine pieces for women and the rather sporty models for men. As I said, this fashion unfortunately cannot be acquired. Nonetheless, they serve as a very stunning and motivational source of inspiration.

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