Thanks to its isolated location in the Pacific Ocean, Australia possesses a very unique and fascinating flora and fauna that is particularly characterized by a variety of marsupials just like the kangaroo. The top predator used to be the thylecine or Tasmanian Tiger. It is a marsupial as big as a dog, which makes it kind of look like a wolf with stripes.

When the first white people settled in Australia, they considered the Tasmanian tiger a threat to their cattle and other livestock. For this reason, they hunted them down, using weapons, toxic baits and traps. Furthermore, the Tasmanian tiger was hunted simultaneously by the indigenous people and slowly superseded by dingoes that took away their prey.  At that time, the white settlers did not know that in fact, the majority of the killed livestock was taken by the dingoes that were brought to Australia by the British themselves. The last thylecine died in 1936 in a zoo.

Nevertheless, the rumor was spread that there are still some exemplars of this special species left, living in certain parts of Tasmania. Again and again, traces are found that point to the existence of the Tasmania tiger. Furthermore,  there are video recordings of a strange striped creature circulating the internet. These recordings are supposed to show the extinct animal. In addition, fecal matter that is linked to the thylecine is still examined by experts. To this day, there is no real proof that the Tasmanian tiger is still alive. Nevertheless, a bounty of 750,000€ is given to anyone who can bring a living and unhurt exemplar.

Scientific labs additionally work on decoding the DNA of the striped marsupial in order to bring him back to life just like a phoenix that arises from the ashes.