Daniel Hechter is a lifestyle brand that combines the French etiquette with a sporty chic. Founded in 1962, the brand is seen as a pioneer when it comes to activewear. It doesn’t lose relation to the everyday life. The range has been extended in the decades of the label’s tradition, giving a great all-rounded selection at present. Men’s and women’s fashion are complemented by sportswear, lingerie and accessories.

This winter, the collection is particularly refined, since traditional stylistic devices are transformed into a visual firework. Eclectic is the motto of a line which is devoted to the magnificence of bygone eras of fashion while interpreting them in a skillfully modern way. The color black floats like a sparkling star on the traditional womenswear. Short coats and quilted jackets are second to none just as mini-skirts and dresses are. Highlights are created with pastel colors, wrapped elements and yellow. Nevertheless, no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Find the perfect Daniel Hechter boots at our online store.

While the ladies find their fulfillment in fashionable eclectic looks, the men experience a revolution in business designs. Precise cuts and perfectly harmonious fashion pieces are composed to unique outfits. From thoughtful suits with all the trimmings – from sweatervest to blazers – to the chic jeans, Daniel Hechter presents modernity in its finest form.

More Information: www.daniel-hechter.comwww.styletrieb.com