Nicci Hou was founded by the young designer Nicole Houston. Her family mostly consists of tailors, thus it’s no wonder she chose this path.

The cosmopolitan girl started to design at a very young age. As a teenager, she perfected her tailoring technique by creating clothes for various dancing groups. She founded her own label without having finished her studies in fashion design and advertisement. Very daring if you ask me. But in the end, this daring attitude was worth it. The brand is marked by a very luxurious, elegant and classy style characterized by a special sense for romance.

It’s an extremely new label concerning the number of collections. Nicci Hou presented two collections bearing the fitting titles “Lucid Dream” and “Bad Romance” on her website. The first one is dominated by light colors, while the second one is somberly colored.

“Lucid Dream” indeed is defined by a dream’s atmosphere. Tender colors and voluminous designs take us to a happy world made of cotton candy. Exaggerated designs, like a blouse decorated with numerous layers of volants, are reminiscent of Victor and Rudolph’s story. “Bad Romance” shows a totally different side of the designer. The creations colored in red and black are transformed into weapons of seduction here. I’m sure Lady Gaga would be impressed by this collection.

Nicci Hou’s designs are special and show her limitless pleasure in experimenting. The designs masterfully play with exaggerated volume, furthermore they are clearly suitable for special occasions due to their extravagance. Nicci Hou is a label which enables you to attract attention with ease.


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