Beautiful winter boots as dreamy as a wide white snowy landscape can be found at the following brand: Lloyd. The German shoe label stands out from the rest thanks to its incredibly extravagant design and its ability to complete and round off a whole ensemble. However, you can also find beautiful bags and extravagant cloths in their repertoire.

Their shoes are but the real stars of the show with their versatility and eternal elegance. Glamour and quality are essential when it comes to a range of different shoes, starting from the sporty lace-ups to your go-to elegant pumps. High-quality leather is the center point of every pompous look. While strappy sandals and loafers are staples in every woman’s closet, the main focus of this season’s collection clearly lies in the ankle boots. Wintery ankle boots such as Chelsea boots in black; suede booties in green; purple fur boots or edgy lace-up boots tell their own tales. This is where classical pieces meet coolness and simplicity meets sophistication. Moreover, details like straps and engravings bring our winter boots onto an entirely different level.

The men’s department surely benefits from details like these as well.

Sporty and luxurious creations can both be found in the collection. Business loafers, sneakers as well as winter boots are on the same level. The unique quality further accentuates the nobility of Lloyds’ shoes.

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