It’s difficult finding the words to describe the lingerie collection by Rigby & Peller. Sensuality, seduction, romance and perfect design is simply not enough. It’s the numerous small details that come together in order to present pure sensuality. The creations tell the story of passion, desire and romance. They are a vision in black.

Rigby & Peller combine the women’s desires with a unique design. Here, you’ll find a mix of comfort and style, of sexiness and playfulness. Although the label usually plays with colors, this time it’s fully dedicated to the elegance of black. The lingerie sets are the epitome of femininity and ensure a new body sensation.

Finding the right lingerie can be really hard sometimes, but Rigby & Peller will set new standards with the erotic quality. Their creations are characterized by detailed design art. Deep black is completed by sequins, laces or contrasting patterns. Transparent elements are also a crucial part of the collection as they refine the feminine look.

The collection is completed by straps, dressing gowns and lace tops. Rigby & Peller gives a fresh impetus to the women’s life.

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