A phenomenal kitchen is hard to top unless the wonderful dishes are served while you can enjoy entertainment at its finest. In the Palazzo Hamburg you get the opportunity to dine like a king and delight in Palazzo’s amazing show acts. Just in time for Christmas, the winter palace is opening its gates again to invite you to a magnificent dinner with your loved ones.

The feast consists of four fantastic courses prepared by starred chef Cornelia Poletto who is known for her incredible, sophisticated concepts no matter whether she is creating an entrée or a dessert.

Love is in the air because the show is made for and made by passionate lovers. Romanticism is the power that keeps the stage alive. Furthermore, the show impresses with acrobatic artistry and comedy. “Fools for Love” – what a fitting name for an amazing show like this. It is well staged and thought-out down to the smallest detail.

On the stage, artists from the USA, Spain and Germany will give everything to draw you into Palazzo’s spell.

More Information: www.palazzo.org