Denim has many facets and a lot of fans. It’s needless to mention that there are even jeans museums out there. Let me introduce three of those jeans museums that take the visitors through a journey into the history of denim.

As a true fan of denim, you shouldn’t miss out on the Levi Strauss Museum which is based in Buttenheim. The fashion house’s legendary jeans fashion is impressively depicted and you’ll learn more about the life of the founder. The museum is situated in the home town of the inventor of jeans. Visitors can learn more about Levi Strauss himself and about possibly the most famous pants in the world.

The Zurich Jeans Museum offers an amazing jeans collection. In 1973, it was founded by Ruedi Karrer who is a true fan of jeans. He used to collect worn-out iconic jeans of famous brands like Wrangler, Diesel and G-Star. The collection records of old worn denim wear, focusing on its wear marks. In 2001, more than 8000 single copies have been collected. They used to belong to workers, cowboys and farmers.

Finally, I recommend the Betty-Smith Jeans Museum that is situated in Japan. In a small room, the cozy museum offers a sneak peek into the history of today’s favorite clothing piece.

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