Jeans and denim fabrics are indeed extremely cool. We all love jeans. Nevertheless, there is a deciding downside to this timeless trend. The production of denim is, in most cases, very ecologically harmful.

Let’s take a look at the material. Denim is usually made of cotton. The cotton plant however is usually grown as a monoculture. Monoculture is the practice of growing only one crop in one big field, which in the end renders the soil infertile. Furthermore, a lot of water is needed for cultivation, which often dries out the land to an irreversible extent.

Another crucial reason why the denim industry is heavily criticized is the use of dyes. These dyes are not only harmful to the textile workers that apply them onto the fabric. The substances can get into the water, polluting the environment.

The dangerous step in the jeans production may be the practice of sandblasting. This is used to create a washed out effect for instance. The sand is extremely dangerous for the workers who often have to sandblast the jeans without efficient protection. Lung cancer can be a consequence of working with sandblasting.

What can you do to avoid these negative aspects when buying jeans? Well, you can do a lot by choosing the right product. Do research on eco-friendly brands like Kuyichi. Kuyichi is a denim brand known for placing value on fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production. Knowledge is the way to go. Know your bands and choose the right pair of jeans.

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