Although furniture stores are full of new designs, there’s nothing like antique furniture from the flea market. The usually premium furniture are usually valuable and have long been popular classics thanks to their traditional design. The age of the furniture gives a romantic touch that embraces them. Rough edges are a must, because it’s those little scratches and splattered painting that make the antique furniture so desirable.

Interior designs like the shabby chic subtly force us to go hunting at the huge flea markets and antique fairs. There’s nothing more fun than searching new treasures on a golden autumn day. This is why I highly recommend visiting Berlin’s antique markets, as you will find heaps of undiscovered treasures there.

The probably most popular one in Berlin takes place regularly at Ostbahnhof. Numerous dealers come together to offer wooden furniture and antique décor items to curious visitors. Isn’t it a dream to just stroll around, bargain a little and then finally walk home with your showpiece? Every Sunday, you’re allowed to discover numerous treasures. At the Bodemuseum on the Museums Island, you will also meet many fans of art and culture who are sweeping the market for books, records, art works and furniture during the weekend.

These two antique markets are a must for those who want to refine their home with some classical highlights. They are not simply found at a modern furniture store! Don’t forget to check them out next weekend!