Sick of boring pyjamas and baggy pullover, but you still want to feel cozy at home? Then you should check out Kigu’s animal onesies, made of teddy fur and a must-have for those who like it extraordinary.

Fans call them “Kigus” and they are simply amazing. The design itself is already great. Each onesie represents an animal and its features. With that, you can dress up as hamsters, leopards, cats, zebras, dinosaurs or octopi, and a whole lot more! How about pigs, Arctic owls, wolfs, unicorns, sheeps or even elephants?

You’re really spoilt for choice. The onesie offers many advantages, the most important being its comfort followed by its sugar-sweet design. While the octopus stretches its arms into all directions, the elephant shows its trunk. Each onesie is hooded, which makes the whole look complete. The voluminous oversized cuts of these funny pieces complete the cozy atmosphere!

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