Balenciaga  Anz.

The Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in the world – it’s where the entire fashion scene comes together to satiate their curiosity about the newest looks of renowned labels such as Balenciaga. Aside from their fall and winter line, their spring and summer designs for 2015 also played a crucial role in this year’s Fashion Week.

Cristóbal Balenciaga, master of haute couture, founded the label in 1937. The designer was known as one of the most innovative and individual couturiers of his time; he revolutionised couture and played a hand in transforming Paris into the urban center that is is today. Even now, years after his death, Balenciaga continues to stand for limitless expression and untouchable design.

History meets modernity in this year’s line: every garment honours its classic forefathers while being reinterpreted in a new way. The focus has been set on purism, femininity and timelessness. Shades such as black, white and cream have been used and highlighted in symmetric cuts and clear structures. The collection’s secret lies in the fabrics and surfaces which individualise every outfit.

From the elegant dress with appliquéd mesh and transparent sleeves to the boxy jacket with ruffles – this collection offers modern and urban structures. Women are able to find self-confident designs alongside style, conformity and determination. Behind Balenciaga stands a very special sense of extravagance and style.

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Balenciaga, clothing for men & women – SS14

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