Fashion designer Julia Starp is known for her enchanting creations in which fashion is completely rewritten. She is known for always having a motto such as fairytale, red carpet or summer. And once she has singled out one motto, it will be thoroughly assessed and experimented with.

The result: Playful couture with a literary side.

Julia Starp does not merely create clothes; she takes her customers into a whole new world. She differentiates herself from the ordinary and boldly combines Prêt-à-porter and couture. Fashion “rules” do not apply here, which is why the designer is able to create something entirely new. She explores and thus discovers different levels of the fashion world in her own individual way.

The result is therefore also individual and exhilarate the fashion scene as well as loyal customers including celebrities. Her latest appearance on Berlin Fashion Week with her “Red Carpet – The New Hood Look” combined the coolness of streetwear and the glamour of the red carpet.

Under her motto of “Fairy Tale Heroes”, the designer revived all our childhood heroes.

With her soft, cool, playful, loud, straight, edgy and yet timid interpretation of fashion, Julia succeeds to enchant the world of fashion over and over again. Her style never holds still, not even for a minute and that, in addition to the diversity of her collections, is what makes her unique.

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