Lesia Paramonova’s current „Elfe“ (álfur) collection is fully dedicated to a romantically playful childhood. Her creations are light and full of details, embellished with lovely elements and cuts that flatter every girl.

The new collection deals with a mythical creature which is depicted based on our imagination. The colours are exactly those we usually associate with girls, namely white and rose, and also soft and deep blue. The dainty pieces sometimes even remind us of costumes, including tulle, wings and other applications.

It seems like the dresses, pants, tops and skirts might have been created from a little girl’s dream. They are svelte, soft and just how we expect them to be. Lesia Paramonova’s interpretation of a childlike fairy is sugary-sweet and lively. Some creations are even reminiscent of dancing ballerinas. Both lovely prints and ruffles are used to emphasize every garment’s individual character.

More Information: www.lesiales.tumblr.com

Images: © Natali Do