Russia’s young generation isn’t only interested in sports and adventure, but also in art and culture. The fascinating country in Asia attracts young travelers just like culture-loving adults. The versatility of the country determines its charm, which has now gained a new attraction. In St. Petersburg, well known for the masterpieces of many artists on the streets, the first street art-Museum in Russia opened its doors last year.

St. Petersburg, home to millions of people, is the second largest city in Russia and not only a place-to-be for foreigners. Its diverse cultural offer for the young and the old makes it a young metropolis where new trends evolve. It is therefore not surprising that the street art is so popular there.

Located in the east of the city, the museum reveals part of the real life and supports young street artists. Since 2014, it has attracted the crowds who are interested in art off the canvas. The impressive, painted facades are truly something different from the oil painting and profoundly enriches St. Petersburg’s cultural offer.

The museum is divided into two levels, one for permanent art works, and the other for temporary exhibitions. The works of modern street artists like Kirill Kto and Tima Radya awaits the mesmerised faces of the visitors. However, the museum does not only offer art. It also shows how the urban space can be used in a creative way. Russia presents a modern, progressive and contemporary side that blows my mind!

© 2015 Private cultural institution «StreetArt-Museum St. Petersburg», Images are courtesy of the Press Service of the Museum of street art

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