Fall/Winter 2015: Ianis Camalidy has launched a collection that packs a punch. His fashion addresses confident women and thus pleases the lively minds of the fashion scene. The style is modern and urban and leaves a lasting impression, which is probably the most important feature of all. The cosmopolitan look focuses on refined cut-concept and lovely details.

The impulsive designer provides women with a combination of young streetwear and elegance, resulting in both the revival of classics such as the blouses and the creation of new forms. The design is fun, because there is so much to discover. We enjoy not only the versatile choice of materials, but also the impressive embellishments.

The collection is dominated by the harmonious outfits, embodying an inspiration to the wearer. You can find looks that are matching from head to toe. How about combining the checkered carrot pants with the slim blazer or the dress with the white blouse? This line covers all the needs of a modern personality, which also means that different outfits are offered both for the day and for the night.

Particularly targeted at women, Ianis Chamalidy shows the development from the modern, fashion-conscious trendsetter at day to the romantic lady of night. Floor-length dresses meet elegant two-piece suits. Details are dominated by floral motifs which can be mostly found as prints, applications, cut-outs or embroideries.

More Information: www.ianischamalidy.com