Here’s another Russian designer in a league of his own: Alexander Terekhov, a fashion designer with modern visions. His creations prove that he knows how to anticipate every woman’s wishes. He combines femininity with modern details and presents a result that impresses not just me, but most probably many others as well. His talent is inspiring and gives you the opportunity to re-discover fashion.

The fall/winter collection 2015 remains in its urban and fun look. It’s made for every day, but always contains a hidden surpriser. His creations mainly appeal to the young and the young at heart and often play around with coolness and humour. The selection ranges from sequined party dresses to trendy capes.

The secret lies in the distinct and uncompromising cuts. Whether there are soft or hard lines, they all follow one system and create a beautiful silhouette. The dress lengthens the legs while the shirt adds a relaxing touch. With the characteristic models, Alexander Terekhov emphasizes the wearer’s individuality without hiding them from sight. By the way, don’t forget about all those lovely star and meteor prints!

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