Haute Couture stands for high fashion, which is almost unbeatable in its sophistication. This also applies to the couture collection of Ulyana Sergeenko. Although couture usually cannot be worn on a daily basis, Ulyana Sergeenko managed to create a winter line that is absolutely wearable. It’s perfect for those with a strong personality and sense of fashion.

This winter collection only offers dresses and suits, but are all the more eclectic at that. First of all, they stand out thanks to their utterly elegant cuts that run along the feminine silhouette. The waist receives special attention with various stylistic elements such as peplums, soft gathers, visible seams and applications.

Each dress and suit has its own unique character that fits the wearer in a certain occasion. Here, you can find simple, feminine dresses, but also sensual ones that are emphasized with transparency and cut-outs at the legs. Even playful gowns have found their way into this collection and are marked by colourful details and striking applications.

This line depicts the glamourous image of a woman full of facets, a woman who loves to change and thoroughly enjoys the process.

More information:   www.ulyanasergeenko.com