With every collection of theirs, fashion brand Shakkei draws us further into the world of sustainable fashion. This year, they are marking their fifth anniversary with their summer collection 2015 – on this occasion, you can expect a particularly sophisticated line, one in which nature and elegance go hand in hand. Luxurious men’s fashion is presented dynamically and leisurely,  thus ushering us into a new era of comfort. Their combination of upscale men’s fashion and leisurely elements is now more wearable than ever!

Shakkei has succeeded in making every element of the men’s fashion just a little bit more casual. They’ve done so by utilising light fabric as well as relaxed cut-sections – the symbiosis of these two features enable stylish pieces to transform into components of a leisure wardrobe which, depending on the occasion, can also be worn elegantly. For me, this point represents the uniqueness of Shakkei: their versatility is amazing!

The colours are well-chosen, and are associated with the summer. Bright beige, lilac and powder blue tones portray lightness and are responsible for the relaxed character. The pleated pants have been replaced with a pair of beige trousers –  its wide form and its winding accents delight us tremendously! The sakko is available in various versions, for example in beige with dark lapels or in classical blue and black.

Knitted pullovers, linen shirts and checked jackets round off the collection. In my opinion, they flawlessly show off the elegant side of a casual man; one who walks the path of life in a stylistically confident manner.

Further Info: www.facebook.com/Shakkei, www.shakkei.at