Internet, I love you… the internet probably can‘t exist without the hilarious and entertaining contributions coming from the country of bears, tigers and volcanos.  Since Russian law forces drivers to install cameras into cars, the internet seems to be full of incredible videos of manly Russians flipping the fuck out on Russian freeways and streets. Or how about videos of Russian men fighting bears?

Yeah, manliness …it seems that there is no country where manliness and masculinity seems to have such a crucial meaning and importance than in Russia. In Russia, only real men are respected. This is why the Eastern European Men School exists. Okay, okay. The school is located in Lithuania. But you can’t deny the cultural similarities between Russia and the ex USSR country, right? Anyways, at this school, men are taught how to hit on women, how to behave around other men and how to beat someone up like a man. The following video is a promo vid, designed to advertise the benefits of the manliest school in the world. But for us, this video is in the first place something that has the potential to crack you up because it’s hilarious!