Limberry was founded in 2010 by Sibilla Kawala, a huge fan of dirndls and traditional Bavarian attire. Limberry is the name of the brand, as well as a renowned online shop for designer Trachts. There’s a carefully chosen assortment, and it’s steadily growing. Here, you can easily find your new favourite shoepiece.

This shop offers both womens- and menswear. Sibilla Kawala loves sharing her love of tradition, which is why Limberry not only offers its own line, but also invites you to be active!

At Limberry, you can design your own individual dirndl, which will therefore be entirely unique. How does it work? Just go to their website, and you’ll be greeted by several basic designs, such as a chequered dirndl with cervine prints on the apron or a dotted dirndl with a lace apron. Choose your favourite, and you can start customizing your own dirndl straightaway!

Choose your favorite colour or pattern for each part of the dress, such as aprons, braids, ruffles and bands. Mix and match until you have your completed piece. It’s a lot of fun and is a great way of experimenting with various looks. Of course, you can also choose your own shoes, hats and jankers, and create an individual outfit!

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