Fashion Girls from the Label Killstar

Finally, the time has come! From February 1-3, the LondonEdge fashion trade fair opened  its gates to countless labels, curious visitors and fashion enthusiasts in the West Hall, Olympia. Indeed, you can discover a vast multitude of commercial articles ranging from clothing, to jewelry and cosmetics – everything which could make a fashion victim’s heart leap for joy was showcased here. But this is not any fashion. In fact, in order to grasp the concept of the LondoEdge you have to imagine Hello Kitty, anime cosplay influences, heavy makeup and sugar frosting clash together to become one crazy, colorful whole. Sometimes it’s so colorful that you feel your heart is going to melt. By the way, I was told that this special emotion which entails you finding something so cute you just want to squeeze it indeed has a special term describing it: cute Aggression! Well, cute aggression… I felt this kind of aggression a lot during my visit at the LondonEdge.


Manic Panic Cosmetics


Looking for the latest trends, we headed to the West Hall first. When we entered, we were immediately welcomed in a very friendly way and goodie bags were handed out to us which of course delighted me a lot. Featuring a catwalk in the middle, the hall was filled with booths which were arranged very smartly to make sure that the visitors would pass by each and every stall. Vintage, Rockabilly, Gothic, 50ies, Steampunk, Cyber Trends, comic heroes and above all a big amount of glitter could be admired here, following the motto: Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day!

Label ‘Voodoo Vixxen’ on the Catwalk

In comparison with the LondonEdge in Berlin which took place in the night club Adagio, the London version was extremely crowded. You also had the chance to talk to the designers directly about fashion and other things in life. Yes, we were definitely pleased by this extremely friendly and positive atmosphere which filled everyone of us with a lot of joy. In the end, it took an entire day to browse through all the stalls and to pick the best ones for ourselves because every designer at the LondonEdge  had his or her charm. The best designers who participated in this sensational fashion event will be featured in particular on Readthetrieb so that you will miss out on nothing! But here is my personal top 7:

Candy Sparkle Cosmetics

Im Vergleich zu der Londonedge, die sich vor einem guten halben Jahr im Rahmen der Berlin Fashion Week 2014 im Adagio eingemietet hat, war es in London überall gut gefüllt  und man konnte sich trotzdem überall dazustellen und sich über die Mode mit den Designern unterhalten. Eine absolut angenehme und entspannte Atmosphäre herrschte den ganzen Tag über, sodass es sehr viel Spaß machte für euch die verschiedenen Labels zu durchforsten. Aber einen ganzen Tag hatte es auch in der Tat gebraucht, um das Beste vom Besten herauszupicken, denn jedes Label der Londonedge bringt seinen eigenen betörenden Charme mit!! Die besten Designer der Londonedge werden wir nochmal ganz genau unter die Lupe nehmen für euch, damit ihr auch ja nichts verpasst, aber mein heutiges Resümee habe ich euch anhand meiner Top 7 zusammengetragen:

Blank Generation featuring easygoingTrackpants

Demonia Styles

Hades Uk