Accessories can sometimes be more important than the outfit itself – they either complete the look, or ruin the entire thing. Many women – and even some men – look at shoes before they do anything else. But the handbag is another important (if not the most important) accessory in a woman’s life, because it’s her everywhere, lifelong companion.

Previously, trends tended towards delicate and lady-like models, but the handbags of today are so much more than that. The era of the jute bag and gym bag is over – right now, it’s leather bags and leather backpacks that get people talking.

Not only are leather accessories particularly chic, they also have a longer lifespan than accessories made from other materials. One investment in real leather could set you up for a whole lifetime. This robust material is available in several variants – for example, there is a huge difference between shinily smooth patent leather and roughly textured suede. Each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages, and your best option depends on what you’re looking for in a bag.

Be it leather purses, bags or backpacks, the lovingly designed pieces complete every outfit. The cool ethno-style makes them the absolute peak of trendiness in the year 2015. I can also say for certain that this leather bags trend will continue to last for some years to come! These pieces are a good way for you to exercise your individuality – aside from the chic models in black and brown, there are many others that stand out with their patterns, colours and embroideries. Especially current and trendy are the exciting metallic shades such as copper, silver and gold!

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