A rose blooms in glowing colors with velvety soft and delicate petals – then it surrounds itself with sharp spines, in order to preserve its grandeur, beauty and sensibility. This flower says more than a thousand words. Sarah Burton, a designer at Alexander McQueen, has taken this saying to heart and developed a creation inspired by a rose; a rose that feels touching and invigorating at the same time, unfolding in its spectrum like a bud in the sunlight.

As though we have returned to Victorian England, the dress-pieces of the coming Autumn and Winter Collection easily straddle a line between high elegance and classical chic, posssessing a powerful look that leans towards fetish and goth. Transparency is paired together with knit fabrics amd silky fabric; delicate lace patterns stand their ground alongside shiny leather or a filigree feathery look.

For this collection, Sarah Burton uses – among other things – torn fabrics and the porous remains of previously splendid dresses. She has transformed them into graceful, erotic and particularly intensive fashion pieces. The color palette consists of red, Bordeaux, Altrosé, silver, black and white; the colors in every singular piece of the various materials combining to form a lively design. As such, every look unfolds like a rose on the body – untouchable strength, sweeping leaves and strong roots come into line with delicacy and elegance.

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