Chicks and Girlies is a name that automatically tells men to wait outside. This Canadian label is completely devoted to women and their beloved companion: the bags. Chicks and Girlies was established by Sheri Stasiuk Sopczak. She is a mother of triplet daughters and therefore she perfectly empathizes with the women’s needs for functional but also stylish bags which preferably last longer than just one season.

The designs are fabricated with the finest leather, thus very sturdy as long as the material is properly treated. The assortment mainly consists of big shopping bags which provide enough space for everything a woman needs to get through the day.

The special something is given to every bag with their individual motive. At one point, you’ll see delicate or also bold floral patterns and on the other side, you will see a whole owl. Besides the classic brown leather bags, Chicks and Girlies also offers blue, red and violet items.

This label always tries to keep the balance between classic, elegant and modern which they will present to you on the last day of the Saskatchewan Fashion Week on May 10th.

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