Our online shop not only has various offerings, but also allows you to discover the newest trends! Every day, we round up all the must-have just for you. Now, it’s late summer and you’ve got one last chance at rocking the irresistible ethnic look. Orsay has just the thing for you, and you can find also the garments in our online shop!

On Styletrieb, you will be able to find this summer’s trend pieces and pimp your fall wardrobe with them. Exotic elements and patterns are just two mesmerising features of the ethnic look, others including casual cuts and wild prints. Different colours ensure a powerful look and some refreshing, joyful charm. The boldness of the designs highlights your personality, and you’ll certainly turn some heads with your outfit!

Ethnic fashion is as beautiful as the summer is, and can be easily combined in many different, colourful ways. Reinvent it with a special touch of the hippie look and elegant, sporty or streetwear elements. With its fringes, patterns and tried-and-true cuts, it mesmerises onlookers and has become a real summer favourite!

This casual look has been around for years, and I quite can’t imagine the fashion world without it. The best thing about it is that its light cuts guarantee an undisputed comfort you won’t be able to find anywhere else. From flowery cloth pants to the sari to the fringed cardigan – Orsay’s collection is a real zinger. Show off your flower-power look this summer!

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