The sailor look is one of today’s iconic styles, and has its roots in the year 1900. Even then, original outfits were being created based on the attire of sailors. These maritime-inspired outfits were originally intended for children, but designers soon discovered the possibilities of the maritime design. Jean-Paul Gaultier was one of the first designers to adapt this look for women.

Elements of the sailors’ attire have been creatively transformed and integrated into a casual outfit. Sailors of yesteryear usually wore a uniform-like combination of trousers, jacket and cap. All three pieces can now be found in ladies’ fashion. This look can be sensual, playful, as well as luxurious, despite – or perhaps because – of its resemblance to the uniform.

The sailors’ outfit is mostly known as a combination of blue-white stripes and red highlights. White pants, coupled with the striped shirt, make this look all the more glorious. Motifs from a seafaring voyage, such as the anchor or the ship’s wheel, refine the outfit effectively. You should never steer away from this look, especially during summer – embrace its versatility instead!

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