This summer it’ s all about the beach waves, which is why I am going to show you a few tricks today, that can help you to recreate the look at home in a very easy way.

Trick 1:
Create little braids before going to bed. Make sure your hair is damp before braiding it, this will help to get your hair into the right shape a lot easier.

Trick 2:
Another Tool that is perfect for creating beach waves is a curling iron.Try out the NuMe  for instance, that have a lot of different sizes to chose from. This will make your hair look even more natural.

Trick 3:

To get the real beach look, use a salt spray on your entire hair for some texture. A very popular product for this is the Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble.

Trick 4:

A little bit of lemon juice can help to lighten your hair, which will make it look even more like you just spent some time at the beach. Lightening sprays like John Frieda’s ‚Sheer Blonde’ do the same trick for your hair. But since this kind of hair treatment is not the healthiest, you need to take care of it afterwards even more thoroughly by using a hydrating conditioner for example.