The 21st century in which we are living and thriving now is enriched with exciting contradictions. Thus, innovative technologies and concepts clash with retro trends. iPad meets Vinyl, Lada Gaga meets Queen, digital meets analogue. Mary Katrantzou, a young designer based in the USA, is stepping on the gas pedal at full force when it comes to creating beautiful contrasts. Her latest collection is defined by an incredibly sophisticated approach of the multi-faceted mash-up mix.

Initially, we caught sight of a calm and elegant two-piece outfit made of a beautiful shimmering black fabric. This plain outfit is furthermore spiced up with a wonderful belt-like accentuation in magenta red or bright yellow, tied around the hips. Katrantzou simply knows how to enrich her clothing with variation and diversity. In this way, purist black clothing is combined with colorful, ornamental, flowery patterns which remind us of the art nouveau style. Her fashion impresses us with a color palette ranging from green, pink and different yellow and blue nuances. Patterns and colors are spread across sophisticatedly cut fabrics, no matter whether it’s a figure-hugging dress or a long skirt whose hem is ruffled in a cheeky way.

The cuts softly embrace the body and yet form straight lines here and there. The fabric is capable of creating exciting edges which are involved in a play with flowing fabrics, long skirts and waisted tops. This contrasting concept reminds us of what is actually defining our modern era: thrilling interplays between innovations and the reversion to old aesthetic concepts. Mary Katrantzou lets her love for graphics, textiles, prints and fashion become one within her collections. At the same time, she convinces us with her colorful style and diverse materials which make her latest collection just as impressive as her previous masterpieces.