The sooner the big day approaches, the more stressful it gets for the bride-to-be. To lose those last few pounds to look great in the wedding dress, many women turn to rather drastic measures. It’s known to many that you rarely can lose 6-8 kilos in two weeks the “normal” way with exercise and clean eating. That is why many women decide to skip meals or replace their meals with liquid foods.

One of the most famous suppliers of liquid foods Almased.

According to the producers, Almased powder consists of valuable raw materials that aim to boost your metabolism and improve your overall fitness. All you have to do is substitute your normal meals with Almased’s powder as well as water and self-made      vegetable broth. Due to the essential nutrients in the powder, it is said that fat will be burned very effectively, while no muscle mass is lost. Well, it’s a fact that substituting your meals with liquid foods will bring your calorie intake down to its knees. That’s why the product actually works – for a limited amount of time. You can think of substitute food what you want. I for one am of the opinion that although you may lose weight, it will possibly not last – not for everyone. As fast as you lose those pounds, they will be back before you can say Almased. The reason for this is that during that time you don’t learn anything about the only way to boost your metabolism effectively and thus lose weight efficiently in the long run: a combination of clean eating, cardio and weight training. In fact, you won’t learn how to deal with solid food at all during this diet. Unless you want to be on that Almased stuff forever, I’d suggest you try the conventional way. If you want to lose a few pounds really quickly, this product may work, but after your wedding you will be hit with the same amount of pounds if not more!

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