Hello fellow beauty lovers.

You may have noticed the ever-growing fitness kick in todays world but let’s be totally honest here, nobody can live completely healthily 24/7. Especially when it has come to that specific time in the month where the cravings are borderline catastrophic. That’s when we have to choose our battles and be wise about our choices of the sins we’re about to commit health-wise. I’ve prepared some everyday cheats in direct comparison for you, which will hopefully help you decide not to stray off the road to the perfect beach body too far.

Red or white wine?
Red or white, that’s an ever-occuring question so it seems. In terms of calorie and alcohol intake both of them are fairly comparable. Red wine however, contains more antioxidants due to the fact that the red grapes are being used included their peel to create red wine. That’s why you should opt for red if you’re offered and feeling like it.

Crisps or chocolate?
Similar to both kinds of wines, crisps and chocolate both have similar calorie measurements when you compare them side-by-side. Both of them have a comparable amount of fats in them, though crisps have less sugar than chocolate. Chocolate however, has the benefit of making you fill up much quicker. That’s partly due to the irresistible seasoning on the crisps that make you feast the whole package if not more. Which is why I’d personally would opt for chocolate as it mainly comes in a package of 100gr and you rarely finish the whole thing. Crisps on the other hand are a whole other story.

Skip lunch before a big night out or opt for a meal?
In regards and anticipation of a big night out we sometimes think of the amount of calories we can down in the form of little shots or cocktails. That’s why oh so many people opt for skipping meals for the day altogether. But this triggers the formation of a huge hole in your belly that just wants to be filled by the beginning of the party. That’s how we end up with packages and packages of crisps on out laps by the end of the night. The ideal is to consume a light meal before the party. You can opt for a salad or a soup. Both of which don’t contain as much calories, will keep you full and at least offers a small base for your alcohol intake later on.

Sneak three hours of sleep in or just wing it altogether?
Let’s get to regeneration, shall we? In fitness it is crucial to know that regeneration is almost as important as going to the gym and eating clean. However, sometimes overnighters can creep up on us due to paperwork, homework etc. So should you opt for foregoing sleep altogether to avoid being groggy the next day or creep in a couple of hours although it will make you feel like crap the next morning. Well, I’d say, definitely sneak in a little siesta. Three hours are two sleep cycles that will take off the pressure that can build up if you don’t get your sleep in. Granted, you won’t feel so hot the next day but definitely fitter than having to tackle life without any sleep at all.

 How’s your take on this, guys? How do you manage the little cheats and sins everyday life puts right up our noses?

Yours truly,
Lana Hoang

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