Not only the sun can brighten up our days during spring and summer, it’s also the fact that there are dozens of happy newlyweds that can bring a smile on our faces. Every year around, wedding ceremonies can be seen absolutely everywhere. For the bride, one thing is absolutely crucial if not essential: Nicely groomed hands and nails are an absolute must! For all brides-to-be or women, who like the sophisticated looks of brides, Essie has launched six gorgeous wedding approved shades in the so-called “bridal 2015 collection“.

The names alone sound beyond sweet: “brides to be” is a soft caramel, “worth the wait” represents a pretty peach tone with a hint of coral, while “tying the knotie” impresses with a semi sheer floral pink shade. Essie’s “hubby for dessert” can also fascinate with a semi-sheer formula which looks great with the beautiful soft violet nuance. The modern bride can expect two surprisingly bright colors that against all odds are quite appropriate for the young bride. “Brides no grooms” is a vibrant pink, just perfect for the hen night, and “happy wife happy life” turns out to be a pretty red with a touch of orange.

One little side note: Right now you can get the limited mini kit with three colors from the bridal collection for as little as 12.99 EUR at Douglas.

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