Makeup in the gym has been known as an absolute NO-NO, yet so many girls still struggle with going to the gym completely bare. Here’s how to look polished enough to not feel bad about yourself without clogging your pores with tons of makeup.

The right coverage. If you insist on coverage in form of makeup, opt for an oil-free foundation such as the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Liquid Makeup. Everything that comes with the caption and tag “compact” should be avoided because it will most definitely block your sweat and sebum from leaving the skin and that right there leads to blackheads and acne. Great alternatives are also water-based foundations or mineral makeup like the products by bareMinerals.

Cover the basics. When trying to reach the maximum result with the least amount of products then try to focus on your eyebrows and eyes. Lightly fill in sparse spaces in your brows and add waterproof mascara to your lashes. I for instance like to use Maybelline’s “The Rocket Mascara in Waterproof. This will make a huge impact and will make you look visibly more dolled up than before.

Tint your lips. Obviously a bright red lip is not the way to go here, but who says you can’t have a cute little pout whilst working out? Just take it down a notch and opt for a fresh pink lip. Choose a lip tint or a tinted lip balm. This won’t be as intense but will make a huge difference.

Clean your face. Avoid breakouts. The last step is also the most crucial one. Sweat, makeup and dirt will be on your face after your workout and that’s not something you would want to wear all day. The sooner you wash it off, the better it is for your skin. Use a cleansing wipe to do the first layer. Then hop under the shower and use a gentle face cleanser like The Body Shop’s “Aloe Gentle Face Wash”.

See? You don’t have to risk acne and pimples when going to the gym with makeup on. You only have to focus on the hygiene afterwards and  know which products to use and which to leave out and you’re good to go!