Hello my fellow beauty lovers.

We all have those few moments in life where we need the absolute perfect mak up … for a picture. I am not talking about simple selfies, no. I am talking about those pictures you want to frame and keep forever.

I am invited to attend the wedding day of my best friend and I know for sure that this madman hired 4 photographers. I already took care of the present, my outfit and my plus one, which leaves me with one thing: What the hell do I put on my face?

I’ve been browsing the net for ages and I can now confidently make up a short list of tricks to achieve the best look for that special occasion.


Matte is a must. Please take a huge step away from shimmery products. You won’t need your highlighter or glittery blush. Those will much likely reflect the light and turn your head into a full-blown disco ball.


Say no… to SPF. Primers and foundations that contain SPF should be avoided on that night or day. Those formulas will cast a ghost-like appearance on your face.


More is more. The camera light will definitely wash your face out in terms of colors. So don’t be scared of a touch of drama. It will look great in the photo.


Put on your makeup shortly before the event so that you can adjust your makeup to the given lighting conditions.


When you’re done with your makeup, set it with a yellow-based powder, not a translucent one.

I hope I could enlighten you with a useful trick or two. See you next time.

Yours truly,