In times like these everything that is labeled as “organic” practically sells itself. One of the most popular destinations for organic skin care is Susanne Kaufmann. But make no mistake, her products aren’t about the hype. Care, conviction and true dedication are put into each and every product lovingly called “organic treats”.

Susanne Kaufmann’s organic treats offer products for all skin types and now she just launched her latest gem: The “hands & feet” kit. This travel-friendly bag promises to not only let your nails outshine everything around you in a brilliant shade of coral. No, it also keeps them nourished and healthy. For 60.00 EUR you get one detox oil peeling, a rich hand cream, a nourishing nail oil, a cooling foot cream and a 5-free nail polish from the exclusive cooperation with uslu airlines – everything neatly packed in a little bag.

The detox oil peeling contains tiny little peeling particles in the form of apricot seeds that scrub off residue left on your skin whilst keeping the pH level of your skin neutral. The included nail oil is the savior of those suffering from brittle nails out there. The unique oil combination not only nourishes your nails, it also keeps infections at bay. The hand and foot cream both smell wickedly good can be absorbed really fast by the skin.

A little side note: If you want to treat yourself, slather a thick layer of cream on your hands and feet and let it soak in during the night. Trust me, you’ll wake up as a different person! Well, at least as a person with unbelievingly smooth hands and feet. The star of the show however remains the “5-free” nail polish. Despite its stellar appearance it really impresses with the following attribute: This gem in fact does not contain any of the five risky ingredients that are normally used in nail polish. Who said you’d have to forego the pleasure of colored nails when attempting to go green?

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