In Berlin it is all about sustainability and ecological products. The future of the beauty market depends not only on the effect of the products but primarily on the quality and where and the products were made. Brands like Dr. Schedu or Lush are some of the most popular and are often purchased by the Berliners.
Dr. Schedu is a company that is ll about hair. Unlike most hair products, which are often made of chemical ingredients, that damage the hair more than anything else, these products are uniqueness and good for you. The individual products will push your hair into the spotlight. The brand manufactures their products exclusively in Germany, where they are planned and bottled as well. In cooperation with leading dermatologists and scientists, they create unique products that are constantly updated with new creative ideas.
Lush is however is known internationally for its natural ingredients and has cast a spell on many beauty lovers. Bath bombs, shampoos, body lotions, and more products are innovative and unique in terms of quality. The minute you enter such a Lush store, you experience an explosion of scents, that will almost make you dizzy in a positive way. Although the natural ingredients make the products last a shorter amount of time, it speaks for their quality and makes the skin and hair look radiant and healthy.