All the way from Los Angeles, we’ve got some impressive fashion news to share with you. Fashion label Clover Canyon reveals how the summer could look like if we turned our backs towards boredom. In their new line, the designers reinterpreted classic pieces by using futuristic elements. Only a blurry border separates women’s fashion from men’s, and the result is a striking unisex look.

Amongst their models are Interpretations of the suit, wide cut tops and low waist pants. The flowing fabric ensures a flattering silhouette, while the meeting of harsh shapes and soft materials brings about a nice contrast. Classic womenswear pieces are not to be missed out on, and dresses and bandeau tops guarantee femininity.

Accents have been created through ribbon belts on the waist as well as colours and patterns, giving rise to a light Japanese touch. Tropical Japanese prints which encompass graphics, geometrical shapes and flowers decorate the creations. Black, white, orange and rose meet gold details, bringing forth a romantic, extroverted look.

Clover Canyon is well-known for their demanding extravagance, and it’s clear that their designers have made use of every opportunity to create outstanding pieces.

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