Hardly any other label embodies the spirit of the 70s as well as the Italian label, Etro, which is world famous for its brightly patterned pieces. The paisley pattern in particular is often associated with the fashion house, but floral patterns are also not uncommon in the collections of the label. This is also noticeable in their new spring/summer line.

It’s a line we expect from Etro and it still exceeds our expectations with its successful mixture of all the elements that make the fashion house so unique. Looking at the partly wild flower prints, partly gold permeated fabrics, we will certainly associate them with the 70s and the bohemian trend. At the same time, the line also appears very classic and luxurious. The mixture is very romantic, playful and of course gorgeously vintage. There’s no better way to interpret the bohemian style that is perfect for modern globetrotters.

More information: www.etro.com