Be it Turkish or nature-inspired patterns, wild designs play a big role in the new Etro collection. This summer’s men’s fashion has been divided into several mottos, and you’ll find different outfits in each of them. Each of these categories has a different theme – a love of nature and colour intensity is the golden thread that runs through the entire range.

“Etro by Night”, “Colour Poetry”, “Easy Paisley”, “Sahariana” or “Naturally Casual” are the mottos of this summer. I particularly like “Etro by Night”, where you can discover an absolutely modern and funked-up version of the gentleman. Classic evening wear gets a little bit blinged up with patterns and neon elements – isn’t that exciting?!

Etro offers you several ways to rediscover your style: while evening wear reflects your chic side, “Sahariana” applies to the adventurer in you. The beige-olive suit has been coupled with a safari jacket. “Easy Paisley” integrates Turkish patterns into your fashion and shows off modern elegance with sweater and jeans.

Each design category of Etro’s summer collection includes unique pieces. Ready yourselves, it’s time to discover them!

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