The suit, as we normally know it, forms the basis for many new, innovative variations nowadays. In the process, the traditional cut and classic colouring receive new interpretations. Designers young and old concern themselves with reinventing the suit day after day; they produce artful creations in bright colours, explosive patterns and cheeky forms.

This is good news for those who like trying out new things and going against the mainstream! The modern, urban variations of the suit prove its glamorous charisma. Nowadays, the suit is no longer just a piece for the office and for important events – it’s considered a trend in terms of its freshness, youthfulness and modernity.

Try to be different! That’s the motto of Julian Zigerli, a designer who has reinvented the suit in his new summer collection. The shirt and cloth pants have experienced a great comeback, revealing themselves in newly breathtaking designs. Of course, Julian has paid homage to the trend of colour blocking and neon elements.

Geometric shapes and organic patterns can be found on casual shirts and jackets. Cut-outs become the main effect of the collection and can be found on the sleeves, or in the place of breast pockets. One shirt is completely transparent, and is the very epitome of modernity. Julian Zigerli ushers in the new era of the suit!

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