The two friends Nicolas Rohr and Frédéric Mugnier founded the French shoe label Faguo to create the perfect brand for lovers of simple looks whilst maintaining an active lifestyle. The idea was born during their stay in China. When the two of them came back home they decided to gift our generation a responsible label and succeeded with their plan. Only two years after the foundation they can show a massive portfolio of hundreds of shops in France but also in a lot of other countries throughout the world as well. Now we can welcome Faguo in Berlin starting from January 19 at the Panorama fair

Men can expect simple leather shoes, which stand for a deep relationship with nature as well as for urbanity. My personal favorites when it comes to crafty designs are the loafers with perforations in blue and brown. The leather shoe with a slightly higher shaft also is provided with a sophisticated design to stand out in the urban jungle. You can find those in different shades but the light brown and black ones are my favorites. If you like more exclusive and flashy designs I can definitely recommend the edgy slipper. The exciting sole and the distinctive seams are a true eye catcher, especially if you combine them with a nice suit.

The women’s collection is unusually athletic. Even the chic ladies amongst us like to wear sneakers from time to time. Here you can choose between leather and cotton. A definite trademark here is an attached button which serves as the signature of the label. My favorite pieces in the women’s collection are ankle-high and made out of suede leather in black, brown or blue.

If you’re looking for an especially sporty line, take a look at the Teak Suede line that was inspired by the 70’s.




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