Diane von Fürstenberg has launched a new collection, in which she perfectly displays the unmistakable sensuality of a woman. It also evidences yet again that this brilliant woman knows exactly how to create new trends for us to highlight our own personalities with. By utilising unusual contrasts alongside classic patterns, she has created a type of uniqueness desired by many. The resulting look knows no boundaries and is made for the woman who feels good in her body, regardless of her age. Be they young or old, slim or curvy – these variations hold no weight here! Everything is centered on one’s personality and the need to highlight it in the best possible way. Every woman is entitled to feel sexy, and Diane von Fürstenberg makes this so much easier with her collection.

The youthful and glamorous style features certain effects that ensure an enchanting charisma as well as a feminine silhouette. These effects range from draping techniques to edgy details, and they can be found adorning blouse-dresses and shorts.

Aside from the above effects, prints also play a key role in equipping DvF’s collection with an extraordinary charisma. The ingenious designer has successfully combined check prints with floral ones, thus creating a beautiful contrast stemming from the rigor of geometry and the softness of Mother Nature. Additional color combinations further strengthen the play on contrasts, and they exist in a symbiosis that this fabulous collection exhibits in all its glory.

More Info: www.dvf.com