Tommy Hilfiger ’s latest summer collection is packed chock-full of surprises! The label has revealed a never-before-seen style, with starkly different fabrics and materials being combined together. The results are nothing to sneeze at! For a summer collection, it’s certainly got an uncharacteristic smattering of winter elements scattered throughout the line.

Their direction is clear: this woman might enjoy showing off her long, slender legs in summer, but her arms remain mostly covered. Light summer dresses meet heavy jackets, vests and coats in this innovative mish-mash. Although the flowing dress is made of fabrics that are almost entirely transparent, the outerwear is characterized by fur or leather. As a result, a harsh and especially extraordinary contrast has been created.

Hippie elements have also been utilised – for example, the ruffled floor-length dress as well as the knitted cape are just a few things waiting to be discovered in this collection. Various textiles give rise to an adventurous look. Personally, if I had to choose just one favourite piece, I wouldn’t be able to decide between the fur coat and the summer dress!

Stars, stripes and butterfly prints complete the wild designs and give this line a final finishing touch.

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