Just in time for summer! Karl Lagerfeld has launched a limited edition fragrance line, available in designs befitting the sunny season.

“I love women’s and men’s fragrances: They simply add beauty to your life” – those are the words of Karl Lagerfeld from exactly one year ago, delivered during the launch of his two signature fragrances. This year, the ingenious designer has introduced a new duo to his host of frangrances: PARADISE BAY. This deliciously named limited edition duo has the same nuances of the fragrances released last year, but this time with a refreshing twist.

Both new fragrances are inseparable and irresistible – they speak of heavenly beaches and warm sand; they paint the picture of a paradisical secret hide-away where femininity meets masculinity. Two styles that are so different, yet complement each other so perfectly.

As Karl Lagerfeld himself said, “Perfume is like fashion for the nose”. For him, it seems that fashion and perfume are never-ending love stories.

Perfumers Serge Majoullier and Cécile Matton have reinterpreted the distinct fruity flavor of the original floral-green eau de parfum, PARADISE BAY for her. Lychee, in cooperation with pineapple, brings out the best features of peach. The middle notes consist of jasmine, rose and magnolia, all of which beautifully complement the base notes of vanilla, musk and sandalwood. The new eau de parfum oozes femininity and envelopes the female skin with a soft and beguiling veil.

The initial version of PARADISE BAY for men had an underlying aromatic fern, but perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault has now replaced this with a mere touch of woody fern. The violet leaves are perfectly complemented by bergamot, green mint, apple and spicy berries. Vetiver and cashmere wood sit comfortably on the male skin, encasing their wearer with an aura of masculinity.

More Information: www.karlparfums.com