We have a lot coming for you collection-wise because the labels are already showing us snippets of their upcoming Spring and Summer collection for 2015. One of which is from THE fashion house Chanel, which surely is a name we all have heard of. Not only is this brand known for its quality and luxury, they are also famous for their exclusive designs, drafted by the fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld himself.

The story of Chanel begins in the year 1910, when Gabrielle Chanel opened up her own little boutique for hats in the middle of Paris. The simple elegance of her creations as well as her individual style were both the reasons for her sudden stardom. Now basically everything that Chanel touches turns into gold, including clothing items and fragrances that, as you may know, dominate the fashion market.

Today’s article however, will be about the latest Spring and Summer collection by Chanel. You’ll find yourself in the midst of classics as well as new and rather futuristic clothing items. Both color and cut are extremely diverse, ranging from purist over feminine to playful and dramatic. As for the colors, black and white are placed directly opposite floral and multi-colored flower explosions!

What brings everything together is the highlighting of the female silhouette, no matter if it’s the playful and multi-colored classic piece or the waisted dress. And don’t forget about the great interaction between boyish and female elements, which open up door after door of possibilities for each wearer.

Chanel, for her – Fashion News 2014 Spring & Summer 


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