Berlin is not only about streets, hipsters and chic – Berlin can also be about casualness and glamour. This is evidenced by Glaw, a fashion brand that brings urban glamour onto the runway. Berlin serves as inspiration for its creations; they are real masterpieces of a modern classiness that appeal to women of all ages. The contemporary, original and timeless designs break the boundaries of style, combining casualness with elegance.

This summer, they bring us a colour scheme with the main shades of lilac, white and black. A variety of different materials, such as leather, satin, fur and tulle netting, are fused into a single image. The interplay of the various materials brings forth a particular charm.

A sensually extravagant style is present throughout the entire collection. Tops exude seduction through a deep cleavage, while midriff leather tops in lilac emit a sophisticated coolness. The white mermaid-skirt flatters the figure of its wearer, and the shorts are as sporty as they are classy.

This wildly elegant collection by Glaw is the embodiment of a Berlin lifestyle – it’s sexy, high in quality, wild, self-confident and expressive!

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