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The New Zealand label Zambesi  was founded in the year 1979 and is now proudly looking back at a successful history which is in the first place marked by the high quality, “made in New Zealand”. The tasks behind the brand are clearly divided and structured. The designer and co-founder Elizabeth Findlay is designing the women’s wear, while the designer Dayne Johnston is the creator of the men’s collections. While the fashion of the designer duo is characterized by a harmonious design, the two follow very differentiating work principles. Elizabeth’s work is in the first place inspired by fabrics, which leads to amazing pieces with surprising twists. Dayne on the other hand tends to work in a very structured way, creating masculine, clear lines.

The winter collection 2014 is defined by a smooth connection between the two personalities. Black plays the main role in the design concept and is emphasized by the use of contrasting white. While the men’s wear is only supplemented with an earthy green shade, Zambesi is combining floral colors within the women’s wear. The modern man dressed in Zambesi’s chic suits appears very masculine with the edgy cuts. This rough silhouettes also mark the designs for the women, which gives them boyish attributes. The composition consisting of soft and firm and rigid fabrics is additionally drawing a lot of attention. Leather is playing an important role in the men’s as well as the women’s collection, modernizing the classical style.

The classical revolution is of course presented at the New Zealand Fashion Week  where the show won the hearts of the visitors from all over the world on August 29th at 13:00.

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