Italian handbag designer Caterina Lucchi shows off her adventurous side with this year’s summer collection! Handbags in the form of shopping bags and bowling bags have all been dressed up with the most innovative designs. The incredibly modern looks are a result of the unusually vast palette of different patterns and shapes, as well as the numerous manufacturing techniques being utilized.

Leather and linen are the two pillars of the handbag collection, and the different dyeing techniques and innovative details deliver a certain oomph. For instance, there’s the incorporation of braided leather, multi-colored prints and even crackelee effects.

Amongst all this newfangledness, you’ll also find some classics such as the staple maxi bag and clutch. Their summer-friendly prints allow them to practically beam with happiness! Maritime and floral patterns have also been incorporated, showing the world once again how wonderful summer can be. The color palette includes a whole host of of summery shades, earthy tones and metallics. The finely laser-cut patterns on the bag are just the cherry on top!

Caterina Lucchi has managed to fill the seemingly overcrowded fashion market with impressive colors, dynamism and geometrism, as well as botanic patterns – all the while clearly standing out from the crowd of convention! If you’re looking for something to round off your outfit day and night, Caterina Lucchi’s bags are the way to go!

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